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What is Gridiron?

Gridiron is Peoria's original and most hilarious satirical gathering. It's a dinner, it's cocktails, it's hilarious comedy skits and roasting. Gridiron has been going for over 75 years and it's going stronger than ever. We hope you'll join us this year!


Join us for an open bar cocktail hour preceding the evening's entertainment. Be seated for dinner and you'll be treated to carefully selected wine pairings with each course of your meal. Just don't be a lush.


Some years, the 5 course menu is curated for an unmatched dining experience. With any luck, this will be one of those years!

Devilish Comedy

If your name has been in that thing we call a newspaper, you'll probably get a proper roasting in the skits, videos and musings of the Gridiron dinner.

Weekend Market
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